The Real Big Olive Podcast – episode 6

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Our next podcast is out and this episode sees Charlie and Kieran meeting the founder of The MAZI Project in Bristol, Melanie Vaxevanakis. 

The MAZI Project empowers Bristol’s disadvantaged young people through an aMAZIng meal box scheme which helps to support and change lives. Set up with a believe that the dining table is an opportunity for connections to be made, to feel included and to feel taken care off, The MAZI Project is about spreading the love we all need to those who need it most through food. Charlie and Kieran spent the day finding out about some of the inspirations and feelings behind the project as well as giving a helping hand with the boxes on volunteer day.

The Real Big Olive Podcast – episode 5

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Charlie & Kieran have been on their travels again, this time travelling to the heart of Bristol to meet up with long-term Real Olive friend and well-known chef, entrepreneur and community food champion, Josh Eggleton. 

Josh shares insights into his projects past and present, as well as talking passionately about food issues within communities and how you can help support yours.  Be warned, this podcast contains explicit language but anyone who knows Josh will know that it wouldn’t be a true reflection of his character if he didn’t drop in the odd explicative! 

The Real Big Olive Podcast – episode 4

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If you’ve been plodding through Dry January dreaming of a beer, the end is now in sight – you should be super proud of yourselves for getting this far. 

After all the festive indulgences and to help get you through that final weekend of the month, our favourite new product development olive, Charlie and technical olive, Kieran have been to visit Terry and Jo at Divine Brewing Company; brewers of  the finest award-winning alcohol-free beers.  You’re in for a treat with this one so have a listen to discover some of the complexities of brewing and find out why their alcohol-free beers are perfect not just for Dry January.

The Real Big Olive Podcast – episode 3

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Charlie and Kieran have been out and about again recently visiting some more amazing people, this time getting on their bikes for the day.

First stop, a visit to Wookey Farm to meet Sarah Davies, local goat farmer and award-winning cheese maker. After spending a great afternoon chatting with Sarah, getting to know the goats and how to make real cheese, they set off for a well earned pint!  Cycling on to Wilkins Cider Farm, a hidden gem of a place making real Somerset cider for over 100 years. The guys also got to meet the legendary Roger Wilkins and talk about his characterful take on the proper way to make cider. So, pour yourself a little tipple, grab a pot of olives and have a listen to their latest antics!