Looking after the planet for the future

We really care about the future of our planet and looking after it for generations to come. That’s why we’re committed to producing and supplying the very best food the Mediterranean can offer from the most sustainable sources and ethical means.

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Our Suppliers

Over the years we have travelled all over Greece and Italy, France and Spain, building up a network of farmers who grow olives independently and on a small scale.

They are artisan and often organic, farmers who we have worked with for many years. Together we understand the unhurried gentle rhythms of the olive tree and know from long experience that the best olives grow where flora and fauna flourish making it a haven for wildflowers, insects and birds as it has been for centuries.

With the majority of our farmers living on the land they farm, their lives and work are often entwined meaning we feel very confident that their values and passion run through everything they do, particularly that the health of the land is paramount to the well-being of the groves resulting in successful harvests.

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Our Products

Our olives are allowed to take their time to ripen under azure Mediterranean skies through the sun-soaked summer months. In the autumn, when the fruit is still fresh and green, our farmers collect the first harvest, and in January the dark, fully ripe olives are carefully gathered in.

In our quest to find the perfect olive we are fully certified by Organic Farmers & Growers as a UK organic producer. When food is farmed organically, it is not ‘propped up’ by artificial fertilisers or pesticides. This means that it must be naturally resilient, and for this it must come from strong soil teeming with nutrients and beneficial micro-organisms. This is good for the plants, good for the land, and good for us.

Our farmers have taught us how to prepare olives without using intrusive modern preservatives, so you can always enjoy our olives safe in the knowledge that they are pure, natural products.

Whilst a key element of what makes us unique is understanding the importance of and using time-honoured methods, we also search out new technology where it matters, to ensure that our olives you in the best possible condition but without compromising on quality or harming the flora and fauna in the sun-kissed groves.

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Our Packaging

Sustainability is at the core of what we do and we’re we are working closely with innovative packaging suppliers to reach our goal of ensuring all our packaging is either 100% recyclable or industrially compostable.

At this point in time, we believe that our best-selling deli and snack pots are the most sustainable option given the recycling facilities that exist within the UK.

With a cardboard sleeve that is easily separated from the polypropylene pots, our current packaging is all widely recyclable throughout the UK.

In light of recent media coverage, plastic can be portrayed as having a really negative impact on the planet. It does however solve a lot of problems in the food industry including safe storage and keeping things fresher for longer.

Whilst investigating the packaging options available to us, we are confident that our deli pots have the smallest carbon footprint and overall impact on the planet, when you take into consideration transportation, production and recyclability.

Packaging is rapidly improving though and we are 100% committed to moving to a more environmentally friendly option as soon as it becomes available. Our partnership with the Sustainable Soils Alliance (SSA) also ensures we have the most comprehensive information and resources when it comes to sustainable packaging for the future. 

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Our Future

We strongly believe that if everyone works together, we can reverse some of the devastating destruction that has been done to our planet.

As part of our commitment to sustainability and protecting the planet for future generations, we have recently partnered with the Sustainable Soil Alliance (SSA) and have pledged to give them 1% of our profit to invest in their work on improving soil health for the future.

You can find out more about our partnership with the SSA – https://therealolivecompany.co.uk/a-new-partnership-with-the-sustainable-soils-alliance/

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