Our olive blends

Our olive blends

We love olives and strive to ‘make life taste better by connecting people to the natural vitality of real food’.

From grove to table, every step we take retains each olive’s natural goodness. We source the best from artisan, and often organic, farmers on the shores of the Mediterranean from groves that provide vital habitat for wildflowers, insects and birds.

Our olives are fermented slowly, retaining their firm flesh and rich, dark colour. And they taste exquisite.

After being hand-picked, we marinate them in cold-pressed oils before blending them with fragrant herbs using time-honoured recipe.
We package them with care to keep them perfectly fresh, and bursting with Mediterranean sunshine. We offer these blends with pride – making a healthy choice taste great.

There’s no better snack than a big bowl of glossy fresh olives and they’re also the perfect ingredient for a wealth of recipe.