Introducing our exciting new look!

By now you will hopefully have seen our brand new look and love it as much as we do! This new look isn’t just about giving our packaging some ‘new clothes’, it’s been a huge project for the team; a journey of digging deeper into our values and purpose as a business.

We had originally planned to launch our re-brand a few months ago but as it coincided with the first stages of the current pandemic, it was put on hold. We now feel the time is right to reveal our new look, especially when everyone is so acutely aware of the importance of the health of themselves and their families and how that may also be linked to the health of the planet.

From grove to table, every step we take retains each olive’s natural goodness. We prepare, marinate and pack our olives using time-honoured recipes and cold-pressed oils so you can enjoy the freshest, most authentic olives bursting with Mediterranean sunshine. This is why we strive to make a healthy choice taste great, by creating natural and sustainable food that can be enjoyed together, whilst nourishing mind, body and soil.

All the work we have done on our purpose and values are the foundation for the re-brand and go deep into the core of our business; it’s about our relationships with our farmers and growers, about how we value and respect our hardworking team and how we understand and communicate with our customers.

As part of this project and to stay true to our values, we made the decision to remove the clip lid from our deli pots. We hope the move will be welcomed as it saves over 5 tonnes of unnecessary plastic per year as well as more than 45 pallets of transportation. To help keep your olives fresh after opening, we’re encouraging you to simply slide the cardboard sleeve back onto the pot and return it to the fridge.

We feel that our new look really captures the essence of what The Real Olive Company stands for; “to make life taste better by connecting people to the natural vitality of real food”.