Our blends

Tricolore: Pitted Chalkidiki and Kalamata olives with garlic, sweet peppers, chilli and basil.
Organic Just Kalamata: Whole Kalamata olives in cold-pressed oils.
Garlic Provençal: Garlic-stuffed green Chalkidiki olives with sweet peppers and Herbes de Provence.
Organic Wild Garlic & Basil Olives: Pitted Greek green olives with wild garlic and basil.
Atlas: Pitted black Moroccan and Kalamata olives with roasted cumin seeds and coriander leaves.
Antipasti: Olives with garlic, sweet peppers, cornichons, sun-dried tomatoes and caperberries.
We are always trying new ways of preparing our olives, but some of our favourites include:

Organic Just Kalamata Olives

On the ancient coast of southern Greece lies Kalamata, a city surrounded by olive groves since Classical times. The olives grown there are unique, aubergine coloured, almond shaped, succulent and infinitely moreish. So good are they, in fact, that the name has been awarded European Protected Geographical Status; as with champagne in the wine world, only olives grown in that particular region are allowed to be called Kalamata. The very best are organic, helping to preserve the old olive groves as sanctuaries for wildflowers, insects and birds.

Organic Kasbah Olives

There are few better companions to a

glass of ice cold white wine or beer than a bowl of olives drenched in chilli and garlic, the heat and spice combining with the juicy, savoury olive to create an exhilarating flavour. We use plump organic Greek olives for this particular treat, from Kalamata and from Chalkidiki in the north of the country; add some to a salad and see that lettuce come to life!

Organic Wild Garlic and Basil Olives

Gorgeous Mediterranean flavours come together in this classic recipe with young, organic, pitted, Greek green olives smothered in aromatic wild garlic and mouthwatering basil. Serve alongside sliced tomatoes, cheese and fresh bread for a delicious lunch.

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