Our olives

Pot pack shots
Here’s a generous bowlful of yummy fresh olives, all ready and waiting.
The 750g box is packed absolutely full of the freshest, most flavoursome olives available.
Tricolore: Pitted Chalkidiki and Kalamata olives with garlic, sweet peppers, chilli and basil.
Organic Just Kalamata: Whole Kalamata olives in cold-pressed oils.
Garlic Provençal: Garlic-stuffed green Chalkidiki olives with sweet peppers and Herbes de Provence.
Organic Wild Garlic & Basil Olives: Pitted Greek green olives with wild garlic and basil.
Atlas: Pitted black Moroccan and Kalamata olives with roasted cumin seeds and coriander leaves.
Antipasti: Olives with garlic, sweet peppers, cornichons, sun-dried tomatoes and caperberries.
In the sun drenched groves of Greece and Italy, France and Spain, under the azure skies of the Mediterranean, our olives ripen slowly through the long summer months. Real people grow our olives, artisan farmers who understand the unhurried rhythms of the olive tree. In the autumn, when the fruit is still fresh and green, they collect the first harvest, and in January the dark, fully ripe olives are carefully gathered in.

Following traditional methods, our olives are allowed to mature naturally in brine before being shipped to Bristol, where they are water cured and marinated using one of our unique blends. To bring out the delicate natural flavours of our olives we use cold-pressed sunflower oil and extra-virgin olive oil in our marinades, along with aromatic herbs and spices.

Our commitment to quality and sustainability has led us to seek out a handful of organic farms in Greece and Italy. Here olives are grown using organic methods that promote the health and sustainability of the olive groves and their immediate environment. In these groves

the natural flora and fauna flourish and the land is rich and bountiful. Fresh organic olives are fermented over a much longer period than conventional olives and only become available in late March. Non organic olives are generally processed using more intrusive methods that result in fresh new season olives completing their fermentation as early as December. Organic olives tend to maintain a darker, richer and more natural colour, remaining crisp and firm for much longer into the year than conventionally farmed and processed olives.

In our quest for the perfect olive we are now fully certified by Organic Farmers & Growers as a UK organic producer and are very happy to see sales of our organic products growing as consumers become more conscious of the virtues of organic foods.

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