Fresh Marinated Olives & Antipasti in
1kg Recyclable, Resealable Pouches

Fresh Marinated Olives & Antipasti in
1kg Recyclable, Resealable Pouches

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    All of our handpicked fresh marinated olives and antipasti now come in our unique, robust, recyclable and resealable pouches.

    They look great in a chiller behind the bar, fit neatly in a busy chef’s fridge and are a mess free and easy to pour option for all your olive and antipasti needs!


    Our Bristol based production facility is accredited by both SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) and Organic Farmers & Growers Ltd.

    Why not try …

    Pimped up olives

    Elevate your olives to the next level, Nocellara del Belice work particularly well with smoked almonds and a pinch of sea salt and paprika. Mix our pitted olives with antipasti like sun dried tomatoes and capers for a vibrant and delicious olive bowl. Flavours that work well with olives include preserved lemon, wild garlic scapes, fermented chilli and seaweed. Don’t be afraid to add fresh herbs, citrus zest and roasted nuts for extra wow-factor.

    Fried olives

    Try stuffing our Green Colossal pitted olives with a smoked almond, anchovy fillet or some spicy nduja, or you could use one of our stuffed olives like Pepper Rosemary or Tomato Genovese coating them in Panko breadcrumbs. Deep fried olives with a crispy coating make for a powerful umami-packed snack. Try different types of breadcrumb for added texture, dust with paprika, pane with vegan mayo instead of egg to coat them and don’t forget to season once fried with a good sea salt. Serve simply with aioli or chipotle mayo and a salad


    Jazz up your olives by pairing with cheese, figs or chorizo. Inspired by the tapas style grazing menu found in the bars of San Sebastian. Our pinxtos concept with olives that provide the salty-savoury element is ideal for socially distance canapés and avoiding hands in the olive pot! Consider bold aromatic flavours such as thyme and honey, sage and blue cheese and walnut oil.