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Here are some of the things our UK olive lovers have been saying about our olives:
Reviews taken from Ocado shopper feedback.

“Gosh! So delicous.
On opening these I could have polished the whole lot off in one session.”
“These olives are delicious!
They have a little bit of crunch and a big kick of garlic and chilli. All in all an excellent product. Highly recommended.”
“Very tasty
Perfect party nibbles.”
“Fantastic, Olives With a Kick
LOVE these, wonderful tasting olives with a little bit of a spicy / garlicky kick. Nice!!!”
Absolutely delicious. Inhaled the lot.”
“Nicest olives in the UK!
These are amazing! Very tasty and moreish.”
“Superb delicious Kalamata olives IN OIL!
These taste like the olives you are given with a drink of ouzo and a few chunks of feta. Excellent traditional preparation and flavour. These are the real McCoy.”