Recipe – Shaved fennel, Kalamata and melon salad

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Recipe - Shaved fennel, Kalamata and melon salad

Shaved fennel, Kalamata and melon salad.

From Mark Evans at Tierra Kitchen

This salad evokes memories of the Eastern Mediterranean. Sitting out on a warm evening sipping wine and sharing olives and melon with the smell of a barbeque. This salad is prepared and served, melon doesn’t like being cut and refrigerated.SERVES 6


2 bulbs fennel, 400-500gms
1 small, quality melon, 400-500gms
4 spring onions, 80gms
120gm Real Olive Company Kalamata olives
Juice 1 lime
Juice 1 orange
1 tablespoon honey


Trim off the woody parts of the fennel until only the bulbs remain, cut away the base of the bulb so the fennel unravels. Slice into fine long strips using a knife or a mandolin so as fine as possible.

Cut the melon lengthways into quarters, cut off the skin so to leave the tender melon. Cut into 1 cm square pieces.

Wash, and chop the spring onion into fine pieces.

Mix the lime and orange juice with the honey.

Mix all ingredients carefully together and serve.